1948 expanding

People started to pay more attention to aesthetics and quality after the war.  The company transformed from a simple faucet producer to a national scale manufacturer. Consequently the offer was widen in terms of products and designs.

Rubinetteria Antonio Frattini (RAF), took part in the major design and trade events like Fiera Campionaria di Milano, Cersaie, Mostra Convenio and many more. The company’s commercial network was expanded to the whole territory of Italy. As a result RAF reached annual production of close to half million pieces.

Meanwhile it didn’t take long until the products reached beyond the Italian borders.  RAF was selected as one of the major faucet supplier to some of the most prestigious and luxury Italian cruisers at that time. For example: Andrea Doria,  Leonardo da Vinci, Federico da Costa, Michelangelo and Rafaello.

1975-2008 innovations and world wide presence

RAF (during the management of my father eng. Giorgio Frattini) continue to grow, both in scale and reputation.

In 1977 RAF introduces the single lever ceramic disc cartridge on the Italian market. After that the range Danubio becomes a best-seller.  As a result RAF becomes a national leader in the production of faucets. The growth is also reflected in the opening new factories in Poland and Czech Republic. 

In addition many famous designers and architects are attracted by RAF, which results in collaboration and multiple design awards and prestigious projects.

2008 + new opportunities

The financial crisis 2007-2008 impacted all business across the globe. The building industry (including RAF) had to restart.  Consequently the company had to rethink strategy and the way forward.

In 2008 Antonio Frattini (son and grandson) decided to peruse new challenges. He focused on more premium and design driven products.

Descendant of entrepreneurs  Antonio invests all his passion and energy into his new company. With the contagious positivism of a dreamer he manages to go through all challenges of the crisis. However being a great entrepreneur is not enough, it takes a dreamer to see the opportunities – just as the old Antonio Frattini did back in 1933.

the present

Today Antonio Frattini Srl stands for craftsman excellence. Deliberately lean and with a childlike spirit. As a result the company has the unique blend. 3 generation experience know-how managed by a mind in a continuous search for realization of dreams.

Whether it’s a big contract or the creation of a single  custom made piece Antonio works alongside the designer. With a dialogue based on competence together we arrive to an unique and emotional result.

RAF (managed by Alessio Frattini) is in the meantime mainly focusing on the production of quality OEM products.

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