This range is the archetype of a tap.

The R2 products recreate the simple pipe through which water runs, regulated by a lever.

Refining and boosting the surface of the control cylinder makes it not just modern looking,but also very intuitive for the user.


R2 basin mixer

After carefully studying the forms and lines we have replaced the lever with a simple cylinder to arrive to an up to date shape with improved finctionality.

progressive functionality

behind the hiperminimal aspect  there is an innovative approach and use of the tap: by rotating the knurled surface the water is dispensed starting from the cold than keeping rotating to the mixed and ending with the hot water. A choice not only aesthetic but also aimed at saving energy by activating the hot water only at a later time.,  only  when is really needed.



Basin mixer dual control, wall mounted

Bath and showering solutions

The range includes matching Bath and showering solutions

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